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Zibby Kozak

Global Works Coaching & Consulting

Our wholistic coach approach supports discovery, goal setting and action for success in Business | Career | Health & Wellness.

Our passion is to support and inspire you to take action and discover more of your untapped potentials and live a purposeful, healthy, abundant and happy life.

Contact: Rita Gunkel, CEC
Phone: 604.742.8381

Health & Wellness Coach

PO Box 4, 1117 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M6J 3M7


Reiki | Nutritional Cleansing | Crane Qi Gong

Registered Teacher (Master) from the CRA
Holistic Practitioner License from the City of Toronto

Bowen Work School

Sue Studios Holistic Web Design


Balance Crop Circle symbolSue Studios consciously incorporates
the elements of energy, colour, symbology, drumming,triskelle symbolceremony, rituals, sacred geometry,the law ofattraction and thepower of positive intention into her web designs.

Call us today for new website design or upgrading or maintaining your present site.

Lots of FREE info on our website to help you promote your site and achieve higher rankings in search engines.

Ankh symbolTel: 604.525.6770
Email: and



Love with a joyful soul……

Sekhem & Reiki natural energy, treatments, classes (all levels), Retreats, events, selection of worldly goods (meditation cards, books, cds, singing bowls, statues, crystals)

Stephanie Cookson
Holisitc Practitioner
Reiki, Sekhem, SSR Teacher
Registered Nurse ( MH- UK ), MBA Canadian Reiki Association Teacher

610-344 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
M5S 3A7

Tel: 416.916.2980


Soul Mates

Debbie Betts,
Holistic Healer for you and your pet
Reiki Master, CCM, DIHom, BFP

Animal Communication
Animal Homeopathy
Bach Flower Practitioner
Bowen Practitioner
Certified Canine Massage
Ear Candling
Ion Cleanse Detox
Head and Chair Massage
Reiki Master & Teacher
Reflexology Therapist

R..R. # 5 Mt. Stewart, PEI

Reiki Soul

Claudia Bert- RT-CRA

Usui- Komyo- Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher
Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher

Balance Body, Mind and Spirit

Certificate courses:
Usui Level 1
Usui Level 1, 2 and Master level
Karuna Reiki® Level 1, 2 & Master level
Komyo Reiki Kai Master Level

Akashic Records Training
A comprehensive and powerful program to learn how to access your Akashic records

Toronto , Ontario


Positive Energy Generators, PEGS

Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation
with Positive Energy Generators (PEGs)

Made of resin, crystals, metal
Incorporates sacred geometry
Strengthened with universal energies

For more info/To place an order:
Contact: Susan Chepelsky
Tel: 604.525.6770

Reiki Wings reiki associates Souls Journey

Reiki Wings at Amazon Reiki Wings at Reiki Associates




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